PJ Norman, producer/musician: X Files, conspiracies, lost civilizations and floods

In this week’s  episode I conversate with friend and resident of The Compound, artist/producer/musician  PJ Norman. I’ve been looking forward to this conversation. It’s fun, lively and loose. We had so much fun we’ve decided that he will come back to do more episodes in the future. I have to say I really like this episode. It’s free ranging from his UK/Swiss roots to lost civilizations , the existence of an afterlife and how I hate skeptics. Oh, and there’s Nazis and the search for Shambala.


PJ Norman is an artist and producer whose methods include guitar, programming, sound recording, acoustic feedback, audio collage, the utilisation of location recordings and sound-concrète. Through combinations of these forces he places traditional songwriting elements into spaces that are affected by avant-garde treaments, feeling that the blurring of lines between disciplines reveals a space between the familiar and the new.

Since relocating from London’s East End to New York City he works freelance as a musician and producer, and has released a wide range of records on his label imprint. In 2010 he launched the production company Drive By Shoot with photographer Diana Scheunemann to fund and produce her first film project Love American Skin, on which he served as assistant director and music supervisor.

Norman lives in The Compound and works from his studio in DUMBO. Current collaborations include new projects with performance artist Narcissister, electronic improvisation group Fates, drum/bass two-piece King Collider and post-punk outfit Glass Rifle. He is available for sound recording, production and mix projects.

The intro is from a 1972 Todd Rundgren radio promo record




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